Details of Book :Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences 2nd Edition in 3vols.
TITLE :Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences 2nd Edition in 3vols.
AUTHOR : Brian Thomas Denis J Murphy Brian G Murray
ISBN : 9780123948076
LANGUAGE : English
YEAR : 2017
PRICE : $ 1950
About Book:This Second Edition has been expanded to include specific chapters on the leading crops and crop-types, as well as updated chapters on plant development, photosynthesis, metabolism, nutrition, reproduction, seed biology, plant pests and diseases, weed biology, and responses to environmental stresses. The updated chapters reflect progress, particularly in genome sequencing and molecular genetics and biotechnology, including genetic modification, that have taken place since the first edition was published. In addition, the book places these developments in the wider context of biodiversity, food security, intellectual property, and ethical considerations. Table of Contents Includes: Abiotic Stresses Biology of Recalcitrant Seeds Crop Improvement and Biotechnology Environmental Regulation of Growth and Development Ethics Genetics of Crop Improvement Methods in Plant Breeding Organic Farming; Photosynthesis Phytoremediation Plant Diversity and Usage Plant Growth and Development Plant Nutrition Plant Pests and Diseases Plant Tissue Culture Plants and the Environment Pollination (including Insect and Wind Pollination Postharvest Physiology Primary Products Primary Products of Photosynthesis Production Systems/Agronomy Regulators of Growth Secondary Products Seed Development Water Relations of Plants Weeds

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